Dec 2023 Split Quarter (1/8)


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Wrich Ranches – Choice Split-Quarters

12/10/2022 | 01/15/2023 (earliest)

$6.85 Hanging Weight / LB

Now Taking Deposits!

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Wrich Ranches raise cattle the old-fashioned way like generations before us. Our cattle are raised on grassy fields with lots of sunshine, fresh water, and freedom. We offer you and your family the quality beef we serve on our own table – Black Angus beef, with perfect marbling for the flavor beef-lovers crave. Our homegrown calves in this harvest are grass fed and grass finished, natural and dry aged before being processed. Price includes all processing costs.

ORDER PICKUP INFO: Orders may be picked up at Kinikin Craft Butchers & Processing located at 1032 6450 Road, Montrose, CO 81401. All processed meat must be picked up within 5 days of phone call received from Kinikin. After 5 days, there is a storage fee of $1 per box, per day. Any meat left for more than 30 days will be sold to make up for the cost of processing.

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